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Tim Ahern

Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Handsome

When not busy 3D modeling, running long distances in huaraches, or being incredibly vegetarian, Tim strives to bring a fierce emotional intensity as the main vocalist of Run Gazelle Run.  

Tim has derived inspiration from bands like The Pixies, The Violent Femmes, Led Zeppelin, and The Talking Heads, to name only a few.  Tim also occasionally fights grizzly bears in the wilderness, and has been known to awkwardly write about himself in the 3rd person.


Ezra Landis

Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Clapping, Yelling, and Barefootedness

Ezra is a lover... A lover of life, music, the great outdoors, and everything beautiful. 

When not playing guitar, you might be able to find Ezra clinging to a rock somewhere in the wilderness, carving things, chasing down a frisbee, tuning Ben's mandolin, or even reading a book (a real book).

What you will not find him doing is nothing.

Walker Landis


A bassist of 8 years, has previously played in the band Firelight Revolution with Jenn Bakalar and his brothers Ezra and Owen. Walker likes reggae (and everything associated with it), cats AND dogs, falling asleep at band practice, haggling, any kind of food (as long as tongue, eyeballs, or testicles are not involved), non-dramatic people, Chuck Norris jokes, using haha instead of lol, riding his motorcycle.

Walker dislikes Katy Perry, dramatic people, being outbid at the last second on ebay, crashing his motorcycle, coming up with likes and dislikes.

Owen Landis

Drums, Percussion, Gleaning

A life long lover of music, Owen was born with a pair of drumsticks in his hand, although he didn't learn to play drums until he was thirteen.

Owen enjoys playing music with his mother in the Terry Landis Band, and you can sometimes find him grooving along with kirtan artists Girish, Irene Solea and others.

For some reason Owen chooses to juggle the life of a baker with that of a musician...

Benjamin Ruddock

Mandolin, The Occasional Vocal or Rhyme, Funk 

Ben enjoys awkwardness, fine bourbon, esoteric and pointless conversations, Khalil Gibran, and nightswimming. Ben really, really dislikes ketchup.

Ben draws his inspiration from a variety of artists and bands; namely Radiohead, Bob Dylan, Chris Thile, Focus, the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Ratatat, REM, and Jerry Douglas.

Ben prefers to wear minimal clothing.


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THE MIDDLE EAST - w/ Gang of Thieves and Canary!  1/24 - 8PM


Time -

Tuesday starting at 8pm


The Middle East, Downstairs -- 

472-480 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02139





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